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my bay

My Bay

Welcome to I will be using this site to document restoration and stupid ideas I have to carry out modifications on my latebay westfalia camper

She is a 1972 original UK RHD Westfalia Contental camper, the interior is very original original, although there are a few accessories missing such as the tailgate flyscreen and the cab bunk.

I bought my bay on the 2nd of April 2006. It came from Dundee, where it had spent the past 8 years of its life. Being a completalty standard UK RHD westfalia it could have never expected all the abuse it was about to recieved. Originally the plans were to have a nice looking van to go touring in, however the need for speed has now bitten (yeah i bought the wrong vehicle) and it will now be aiming to get into the USB (Ultamte street bays) owners club for 2008

Discussion? Join the forum and discuss all aspects of latebays, T25 chat had also been allowed on occasions

Visit the Picture Gallery Pictures of the van, my bike, shows etc etc etc

Engine and gearbox code handy reference guide to identify your engine and gearbox. Any mistakes / questions / queries sign up on the Forum and let me know

New alloys on my van first picture in the gallery, details of fitting coming soon, they are 2005 Audi and needed a fair bit of work to get them to fit

Members vans - Submit your van details and some pictures and i will add it to the site for you. email to

LateBay Rear Lowering Guide - compulsory guide for all late bay owners.

EFI and Turbo Section - now online, documenting my megasquirt and turbo installation onto my latebay


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